Crypto Market Overview September 12th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview September 12th | Dex-Trade

First Time in Ukraine: Vitalik Buterin Visited Kyiv Tech Summit

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder, unexpectedly for the entire crypto community, appeared at the Kyiv Tech Summit, which was instantly interpreted as a sign of support for the country during the war against the RF’s occupying forces. In general, Buterin succeeded in a gesture of unpredictability, since his participation in the summit was not announced anywhere, primarily for security reasons. Event organizers tweeted that this was Buterin's first visit to Ukraine. But, this is definitely not the first sign of support for Ukraine in the struggle for its own independence from crypto celebrity. Born in the RF and granted Canadian citizenship, Buterin has been publicly donating to the military needs of Ukraine since the entry of Russian troops into the country, and also succinctly curse out representatives of RF propaganda machine on Twitter, addressing the Russian dictator directly. However, the latter remains almost the only world ruler who publicly declares that he does not use the Internet. But some media saw Buterin’s visit to Ukraine as not only a gesture of support, but also a competent PR move, as the businessman and crypto engineer is now hyping on the eve of a key merger for Ethereum, as a result of which the crypto-silver blockchain will switch to the energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol. By the way, the event is scheduled for this week. One way or another, but there are no contradictions in the fact that two pleasant informational occasions are served on one dish, and there cannot be.


Tarantino and Miramax Settle Pulp Fiction NFT Dispute

A bit less than a year ago, legendary Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino announced the release of an NFT collection dedicated to his cult film Pulp Fiction in partnership with The Secret Network and immediately received a copyright infringement lawsuit from Miramax, the efforts of which made the movie. After a long trial, the film studio and the director made a public statement that they no longer want to argue “over small things,” and plan to continue working together. True, the only thing that is currently known about this collaboration is a possible release of yet unannounced projects and NFT collections in the future. Who won in the negotiations? On what terms did Tarantino and Miramax agree? What's next for the Pulp Fiction collection? — No specifics, except for the fact of closing the case and successful negotiations, were not expressed. Apparently, only The Secret Network remained in the red. By the way, their joint project with Tarantino was quickly overgrown with rumors. It is known that only one NFT from the collection was sold for $1 million. The Secret Network announced the suspension of sales of the collection tokens, citing the instability of the crypto market. However, the buyer of the only token was a company closely related to The Secret Network itself. That is, this is either a gesture of goodwill in the face of poor marketing, or an attempt to privatize the “cultural fund.”


“Tsunami of Memecoins and NFTs”: Crypto Community Reacts Elizabeth II Death

Last Thursday, the British Royal Court announced the tragic news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who has served her people for over 70 years. Of course, an event of this magnitude could not pass by the crypto community and enthusiasts flooded the digital asset market with countless memecoins and NFTs: “God Save The Queen,” “Rip Queen Elizabeth,” “London Bridge Is Down,” “Elizabeth II,” “Queen Grow," "Queen Doge," "Queen Inu II," "Queen Elizabeth Inu," are just the brightest of the registered coins. Most of the memecoins were created on the basis of the Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain blockchains, and many of them were lucky enough to achieve good growth rates. For example, according to Dex Screener, the price of "Queen Elizabeth Inu" began to rise on the evening of September 8 from $0.00000325. For two days, the growth rate of the coin was 141%, after which the hype began to subside. Now the coin is worth $0.00002691. A similar hype was seen on OpeaSea, where a spike in Queen-themed NFT sales was registered. For example, the "RIP Queen Elizabeth" collection contains 520 tokens and illustrates Elizabeth II in a cartoonish manner. But even here the hype passed in just a couple of days, and today there is almost no sales activity recorded. Once again, we remind you that investing in hypecoins, regardless of their informational background, is a direct path to the loss of your deposits. Be careful and trade only proven assets.