Crypto Market Overview April 12th | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview April 12th | Dex-Trade

Tether Launches Bitcoin Fund to Help Salvadorans

The company that created the world's most popular stablecoin USDT, owned by the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange, announced the creation of a charitable foundation, the funds from which will be directed to the families of El Salvador, which is now recording a massive rampant organized crime. Tether representatives report that they have managed to collect approximately 36 BTC (about $1.45 million) so far. The public address of the fund, to which all collected funds are transferred, has already been published by Bitfinex and Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino on Twitter. By the way, 25 Bitcoins out of the available amount (about $1 million) were donated directly by Bitfinex and Tether. Ardoino is clearly backing El Salvador's president, Naiba Bukele, and stresses that last year's reform, which recognized Bitcoin as legal tender in the country, was appropriate enough. In fact, among crypto-entrepreneurs, support for this decision is orders of magnitude higher than among officials from countries who work directly with colleagues from El Salvador. But another fact is noteworthy here: after the start of the war unleashed by the RF against Ukraine, the cryptocurrency community learned to consolidate around issues of humanitarian support even more effectively than the commonwealth of states do. And this can be a serious impetus for strengthening the credibility of digital assets around the world.


The EU Plans to Reform the Healthcare System With The Help of Blockchain

The European Blockchain Observatory’s report “Blockchain Applications in the Healthcare Sector” highlighted the need to use this technology to revolutionize the transition to a next-generation fully digital healthcare system. The authors of the work are clearly optimistic about the introduction of blockchain in healthcare and note its compatibility with the basic principles of the fourth generation health care system. By the way, among these principles, the authors identified: interoperability, virtualization, decentralization, the ability to work in real time, service orientation and modularity. “Using blockchains as a ledger for recording provenance, vaccines and other life-saving drugs could be monitored and tracked from their origin to their current locations, thus reducing the misplacement or mislabelling of medicines and the risk of counterfeit.” — says in the document. Recall that the European Blockchain Observatory is an initiative of the European Commission, the main goal of which is to promote innovation in the field of blockchain and stimulate discussion of distributed ledger technology in interested circles.


Snoop Dogg Is Back in Business: The Musician Launches a Fresh NFT Collection on The ADA

The previously announced Snoop Dogg collaboration with Clay Nation has already been successfully launched, which means that fans have already sold out almost all exclusive tokens with rare and even unreleased tracks of the musician, as well as original art works. Launched on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, the collection features 10,000 clay digital characters with algorithmically generated features that mimic hand-sculpting techniques. By the way, there are really few tokens left, but they are already being actively resold on the secondary market. On the eve of the sales launch, Snoop Dogg and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson had time to debate on Twitter and discuss music, crypto assets, contemporary art perspectives and much more. However, the launch of the collection appears to have had no impact on the price of ADA, which has fallen over 10% in the past 24 hours amid a more global correction in the cryptocurrency market. ADA is currently trading at $0.93, and more recently, the currency was giving up signals and was selling for $1.2 per coin.