Crypto Market Overview August 3rd | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview August 3rd | Dex-Trade

Shiba Inu developers reveal the name of their themed NFT game

Shiba Inu (SHIB) meme altcoin (SHIB) announced on official Twitter that the project will soon receive its own mobile NFT game. Rumors about this have been circulating for a long time, but now the developers have unveiled the name that the future game will receive. It will be called Shiba Eternity. They also revealed that the game will be available on both iOS and Android. The development of the game was entrusted to PlaySide Studios. This team may be known to you from such mobile games as The Lego Batman, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Age of Darkness.

Having intrigued users, the Shiba Inu team decided to avoid spoilers anyway. Therefore, neither the game idea, the gameplay, nor the date was disclosed. According to unofficial information, the game will support about 1000 different non-fungible tokens in the Shiba Inu universe.


Japan stops digital yen project due to lack of public interest 

There will be no digital Yen in Japan: the project was stopped due to a lack of interest from the public. The Central Bank of the country (BoJ) announced the termination of work on the CBDC project. Activities to explore the potential of SSAF have been held in Japan since 2021. In April 2022, the institution began the second stage of testing, but even then the Bank stated that the digital yen would not be launched soon - there were doubts about the benefits of this undertaking. Based on testing, the Central Bank of Japan concluded that the citizens of the country have almost universal access to the banking system. Therefore, there is no economic or political need to expand access to financial services yet. And the widespread use of digital and mobile technologies in paying for goods and services casts doubt on the need to develop alternative forms of payment that are not popular.


Hackers attacked Solana: ecosystem participants lost about $8 million overnight

On the night of August 2-3, there was a large-scale hacker attack on the Solana ecosystem. According to analysts, several thousand users of Solana's hot wallets lost about $8 million in total. Because of this problem, attackers were able to compromise the private keys of digital asset owners. More than 5,000 wallets of Phantom, Trust Wallet and Slope users were affected. Hackers steal native SOL and SPL tokens. On Twitter, platform Mist Track claims that the number of hacked wallets has risen to 8,000. According to them, $580 million was sent to four addresses. Ava Labs CEO Emin Gun Sirer said the number of casualties is growing at a rate of 20 per minute. “Now there is an ongoing attack on the Solana ecosystem. Over 7,000 wallets affected, growing at a rate of 20 per minute. So far, the situation is unclear because there is a lot of misinformation and speculation,” explained Emin Gün Sirer.