Crypto Market Overview March 2nd | Dex-Trade

Crypto Market Overview March 2nd | Dex-Trade

Jack Dorsey Buys BTC Every Week

Twitter founder and CEO of fintech company Blocks, Inc., Jack Dorsey, is still optimistic about the future of Bitcoin and is actively taking advantage of the current low price of the flagship crypto to systemically accumulate as many crypto analysts predict its massive bull run in the coming months. In response to a question from a user named Utxo on the decentralized social network Nostr about whether Dorsey is currently investing in bitcoin, the head of Blocks, Inc. replied that he does it every week. Moreover, the entrepreneur’s positive response and comments on Nostr collectively collected 9400 satoshi thanks to user likes. Back in December last year, after stepping down as CEO of Twitter, crypto billionaire and bitcoin maximalist Dorsey donated a whopping 14 BTC to the development and launch of Nostr. At that time, this donation was equivalent to approximately $240,000. By the way, Dorsey’s passion for bitcoin solutions also led to the launch of a decentralized social network project called Bluesky back in 2019. According to a press release on Tuesday, a test version of Bluesky Social has already appeared in the App Store, which is positioned as a decentralized alternative to Twitter. Now everyone can access and test the application even before its stable version becomes available.


Charles Hoskinson "Voting" for Dogecoin

The Mask Effect appears to have happened for the first time without the addition of a “principal component” as a fresh tweet by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson about Dogecoin threw the crypto community into disarray and could cause the price of the main memecoin to rise by 1% in just 24 hours. Yesterday, Hoskinson wrote a cryptic phrase on his page: “Doge voting #4ever♡♡♡”without accompanying it with any specific information. Of course, his followers massively began to interpret this tweet, not forgetting about the “pitfalls,” “conspiracy theories,” and other options for manipulating consciousness. While some members of the crypto community decided that this tweet was just another Hoskinson joke for “internal users,” others concluded that the Cardano founder's account was hacked by the CEO of Tesla Motors and, concurrently, the owner of Twitter. However, a number of experts claim that Hoskinson thus made a reference to the “Venetian electoral process,” in which the head of the Venetian republic, called “Doge.” In addition, several interpreters have come to the conclusion that Hoskinson's latest tweet suggests that Cardano is entering the final phase of the implementation of the roadmap proposed last year, known as the Age of Voltaire. This era, according to Hoskinson, should showcase decentralized asset management in action.


Tom Emmer 'on the Warpath' with CBDC

Yesterday, U.S. Rep. Senator Tom Emmer introduced a bill that would ban the Federal Reserve from distributing central bank digital currency (CBDC) to individuals because it would violate the right of United States citizens to financial privacy. The bill's stated goal is to protect privacy, but some lawmakers believe it will likely block the Federal Reserve's ability to issue government crypto to U.S. citizens. Emmer, one of the most vocal supporters of cryptocurrencies in Congress, introduced the first version of a bill to ban the distribution of CBDCs back in early 2022. Its original goal was also to protect user privacy and effectively ban the Fed from issuing cryptocurrencies. However, the law still has not gone through all the stages of the legislative process. The latest version of the bill, called the CBDC State Anti-Supervisory Act, differs from the 2022 version in two additions. The first of these is aimed at preventing the Fed from using the CBDC to conduct monetary policy and exercise economic control. The second requires the Fed to contact the Reserve Banks and publish quarterly reports on the progress of any CBDC initiatives it undertakes. By the way, according to Emmer, the bill has already received broad support from at least nine other Republican lawmakers and even Vice Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and Chairman of the Digital Assets Subcommittee French Hill.