It’s Christmas time!

In less than 10 days we will all spend this magic time with our families and friends. And if your friends are so obsessed with crypto trading as we are, our list of Christmas gift ideas may help you to become the best Santa! 

It's Dex-Trade's TOP 5 Christmas gifts!

  • The first one is eternal classic - ugly Christmas sweater. But don’t worry, no more reindeers or patterns. Ask your grandma to make you a Bitcoin sweater! Or just order one online from one of the shops that accept cryptocurrencies, for example - HodlMoon. Select one with your favorite currency logo or ask for a custom design. 

  • Christmas time is always about decorations. If you are tired of traditional style, look for cryptocurrency-styled balls for a Christmas tree! You can find some handmade pieces on websites like Etsy, or create one yourself. Just remember that handmade gifts are always the most valuable ones.

  • If your friends care about funds safety, and we sure that they are, hardware or paper wallets are the best options for storages. It’s easy to find one on Amazon or Ebay. And we are certain that a true Ho-Ho-Hodler would appreciate that gift!

  • Do you have a friend who is a newbie in crypto trading and wants to know more? Then online courses on cryptocurrency and blockchain are the best presents for sure. Find one on Coursera, Udemy or edX starting from $10.

  • And finally, classical last-minute Christmas gift - a present card. There are plenty of services where you can purchase a Bitcoin gift card or different coin vouchers. It’s a great present for someone who wants to get into trading but doesn’t know where to start.

We hope that these ideas will help you to impress crypto fans around you. Hopefully, you’ll have found the perfect gift. 

Have a great trading time with Dex-Trade!

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Published: 2019-12-17