Crypto economy. What to expect?

Dear Dex-Trade Community, we want to share with you some ideas to expand this question of interest to all of us. While it’s still far too early to judge, we investigated that expectation of inflation is increasing every month between crypto investors. That leads to the investments in inflation-resistant commodities like top-tier digital assets. 

Many experts believe that the era of the bull is coming. Let’s remember mid-2015 when the last major increase began and in the second half of 2017 was a huge explosion. This statement gives us the right to conclude that an overnight surge is unrealistic.

Despite the current popularity of cryptocurrencies, we still face difficulties in achieving easy accessibility to open digital wallets or trading accounts.

And yet we are on the cusp of progress when digital currency will be used anywhere in the world. Most people tend to forget the relatively young age of Bitcoin as well the rest of the market. Also worth mentioning about DeFi (short for decentralized finance—it's the notion that crypto entrepreneurs can recreate traditional financial instruments in a decentralized architecture, outside of companies' and governments' control) that has attracted VC money.

Published: 2020-08-22