Dear users!

We have a special announcement for ones who registered on Dex-Trade from 29.11 till 06.12!

You are the lucky one! Now you have a 2 months fee free trading on Dex-Trade exchnage! 

Which means that you won't need to pay any market commission. And by the way, our deposits and withdrawal fees are minimal, so it's super profitable!

Look for your e-mail on the list and go trading for free!



ravive*****[email protected]

su*****[email protected]

bil*****[email protected]

theso*****[email protected]

salm*****[email protected]

fig*****[email protected]

job*****[email protected]

top*****[email protected]

Moham*****[email protected]

Xkan*****[email protected]

sopon*****[email protected]

hajina*****[email protected]

newi*****[email protected]

roc*****[email protected]

05*****[email protected]

gha*****[email protected]

ee*****[email protected]

jay*****[email protected]

bam*****[email protected]

tolik.kru*****[email protected]

ahma*****[email protected]

coin*****[email protected]

We've mentioned that only verified users can participate.

So if you fulfilled other conditions but can't find your e-mail on the list, pass KYC till 11.12 and get a free trading mode!


If you need any details, contact our support team on the website.

Have a great trading time with Dex-Trade!

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Published: 2019-12-09