In 2019 Ibero-America has become one of the most active regions on a global scale, when requesting information about bitcoin.

When analysing the Google Trends data it is observed that Venezuela leads the interest in searches with a score of 51 units out of a maximum of 100.  The rest of the regional scale is completed by Brazil, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador and Chile 

The reasons why the search for the term bitcoin is so popular in Venezuela can be summarised as follows: the country is facing an economic crisis with hyperinflation. This increase in the search for the word bitcoin means that Venezuelans are trying to find a financial refuge to maintain the value of their funds.

The results shown by Google Trends reveal interesting data that show that the inhabitants of developing countries, or those with strong economic problems, have an interest in shelter, movement of value.

That is why Dex-Trade decided to make our exchange official and licensed in Latin America. Our aim is to make cryptocurrency trading a popular and efficient way of earning money in Chile and all over the region. Join Dex-Trade and become a part of crypto revolution!

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Published: 2020-01-09