Airdrop promo went crazy!

Airdrop promo went crazy!

Airdrop promo went crazy!

Hi Dex-Traders! Surprised to see me?
Our support team informed us that many of you missed the opportunity to participate in our airdrop week. So, after some negotiations, it was decided to extend the event to this week, too!
This means that you will have 5 more days of opportunities to participate and win. 

Link for the AIRDROP:

And we are starting today!
Some of you already know the drill. 
After you see the screenshot with the blurred word like here, 
you should go to, find the page that was on the screenshot, find the word that was blurred and use it as the promocode.
So, you go to the free coins page put the promocode in the field and enjoy free USDTs to your wallet.

And do not forget that to get such bonuses you should be registered and verified on dex-trade.

And don't forget to follow us on social networks!

Your Dex-Trade team

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