Dex-Trade Initial Exchange Offering Launchpad

Token launch platform for perspective projects


Crypto Scam Defence



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Total Token Sell:


Total funds raised

550,000,000 CSD


Soft cap 42,500$

Hard cap 85,000$

Start Time:

10/25/2021, 2:30:00 PM

End Time:

11/11/2021, 3:30:00 PM

About Project

To get to the point, We built a platform for the decentralized finance industry to STOP the explosion of DeFi fraudulent projects that have left many individual investors burned.
In the current DeFi marketplace, though, managing your portfolio still requires daily diligence, and that can take up a lot of time. This raises the question: Is there a way to benefit from DeFi without giving away all your time, and potentially all your money, too? DeFi may be difficult, but making money from it doesn’t have to be. By aggregating various technologies we make it possible!



Our highly motivated professional team found ways that make things work differently. Aggregating various technologies we can scan, compare with past behaviors, track down each transaction made on any network, those based on the following layers:


1. The algorithm based  that's extracting data from various blockchains (ETHScan, BSCscan, TRX, ChainLink, and so on)

2. This layer consisting of experts + the community's organic opinion.

3. Machine learning that's taking into consideration various past different stimuli gathered from data sources.



Analyzing the movement of funds we scraped and linked over 2.7 million transactions across different blockchains and we found over 100 000 cases of shifts and come back to the original owner



We collected and analyzed transaction data across eight different blockchains to identify how users interacted and we developed new heuristics and identified various patterns of cross-currency trades.


Token utility use cases:


- Simplified trading
- Automatic scoring mechanism
- Rug pull and scam detection
- Smart contracts monitoring
- Address monitor
- Transactions track down
- Blockchain shift detection
- Behavior comparison
- User-defined instant notifications.





Token Sale and Economics:

Token name:
CSD Token Price:
0.00001 $ Token Type:
ETH Total token supply:
10,000,000,000 CSD Launchpad Allocation:
10,000,000,000 CSD Minimum Purchase:
51$ = 6,000,000 CSD Token Description:
Our business model is focused to help many people all over the globe, improve and develop better strategies for the future.

Token`s distribution:

Community 69.95%
ITO 20.00%
Board of initial investors 10.00%
Operational costs 0.05%