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BitTaxi Token



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12/23/2021, 2:00:00 PM

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1/20/2022, 11:00:00 PM

About Project

What is BitTaxi Token?


Bittaxi Token: It is the basic product of the Bittaxi project. The online payment and service sector is more and more in our lives with the advancement of technology every day. The Bittaxi Token Project sets out to bring together this industry's potential and make our lives easier with the blockchain-based digital payment method to bring cryptocurrencies to real life. The aim of Bittaxi is to provide a payment system with cryptocurrencies thanks to its simple infrastructure. Bittaxi Token is a token that working on Binance, Smart Chain, and trades P2P (Peer to Peer). Bittaxi is a platform that can scale and facilitate trade between the customer and the service provider. BitTaxi Token is a BSCbased cryptocurrency that is the Binance Smart Chain network. Thanks to Bittaxi Token, users can pay taxi fees with the cryptocurrencies that they own.



How Does BitTaxi Token Work?


Bittaxi Token is a payment platform. It is aimed that traditional payment systems adapt to today's technology and to manage these payment systems from a center. Traditional payment systems consist of price, money, and debit cards. When you want to pay with a debit card, you can somehow make it through a centralized institution, or you may have to look for an ATM to pay when you do not have cash on you. When the taxi is called from the Bittaxi Application, informations can be seen such as destination, alternative routes, roads, time. In this way, the taxi drivers take them to their destination without defrauding them, and the customer cannot negotiate with the taxi driver. Payment event is made from within the application. In this way, it is not possible to call the taxi unnecessarily. Bittaxi Token comes into play right here, allowing you to pay using cryptocurrencies thanks to the application or web browser you download to your phone as well as traditional payment systems, and this process takes place within seconds. All these transactions are carried out on the Binance Smart Chain network with blockchain technology. You get rid of such small troubles that you might be thinking about while making a payment, and you reach your destination safely as soon as possible.




Token Sale and Economics:

Token name:
BTTXT Token Price:
0.11 $ Token Type:
BEP 20 Total token supply:
1,000,000.000 BTTXT Launchpad Allocation:
1,000,000.000 BTTXT Minimum Purchase:
10.01$ = 91 BTTXT Token Description:
Bittaxi tokens will be send to your wallets at 20 March by Dex-Trade team.

Token`s distribution:

Circulation 60.16%
Frozen(locked) 20.05%
Burn 10.03%
Ecosystem 7.02%
Promotion 2.71%
IEO 0.03%